Water and Sanitation in Uganda: Starting with the basics.

The Bill Cook Foundation is interested in plumbing—or lack thereof. We are constructing toilets in a terrible slum in Kampala, Uganda, where lots of homeless kids live. They have no place to urinate or defecate or shower. Some of the boys who live there will head to school in a day or two and experience the great ‘luxury’ of plumbing. For those not prepared or ready for school, we have sent funds to construct toilets and showers. This is going to be expensive, in part because the city’s water system does not extend into the slums. Toilets come first, and we are assisted by the National Honor Society of Irondequoit High School in suburban Rochester, NY—thanks in great part to my grandson Gabriel Quintero. They may be the only senior class in the US whose final project is toilets. They will remember with deserved pride what they have done for the rest of their lives, long after plaques and benches have been forgotten. Do you know of a person or a group that wants to help us with showers and sanitation? Visit us at www.billcookfoundation.org. We’ll make sure your fundraising efforts have the greatest impact possible.