New Projects:

PANAMA: In the hills above Panama City is the Bella Vista Children's Home, a residential center for girls from impoverished or families suffering from violence.  We want to provide some study aids such as books and computers as well as help with school fees.

HONDURAS: Casa Alianza (Covenant House in English) in Tegucigalpa is a residential facility for homeless children.  Many are drug addicted, and many of the girls have been trafficked.  In addition to counseling and treatment and food and housing, the children continue their education, both in house and at facilities in Tegucigalpa.  Children receive vocational training, and one group has become entrepreneurial by forming a company that produces jam.  We will be supporting these and other educational activities.

GUATAMALA:  Casa Alianza (Covenant House in English) in Guatemala City is a residential facility for teen girls who have been trafficked.  Several have babies.  In addition to being a safe haven for these girls, they learn mothering skills and receive education that will allow them to be self-sufficient when they leave.  We will support the educational part of the work of Casa Alianza for these girls.