From preschool to university—your support in action.

In late July I visited two young men from Laos whom we are sending to university in the capital Vientiane. One, a Buddhist monk named Sone, just graduated with a degree in English and will be an English teacher. The other, Vixai, who was a monk for a while, has one year to go before receiving a degree in business. Both come from families of subsistence rice farmers. This is one type of work the Bill Cook Foundation does. We also help pre-schoolers and special ed students and lots of kids in between. The first photo is of the two Laotian students when they were both monks. It was taken after they took me to a Buddha cave along the Mekong River. The second was taken recently in front of a sleeping Buddha in Vientiane. Your continued support of the Foundation makes it possible. 

Also, there are 10 new videos there about the Foundation, which you can access here.