September means back to school. But only with your help.

The Bill Cook Foundation has, in less than 2 ½ years, has raised almost a half a million dollars.  As of August 27, we are $46,000 short of that milestone.  August and September are difficult months for us because we are sending lots of dollars to Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, and Central America since the school year is beginning in many places.  August is not known as a good fundraising month because people are on vacation and/or buying school supplies for little ones or sending big checks to colleges for our bigger kids.  

Our current expenses include tuition for some girls in Laos whom we supported while they were in high school, and now we are paying more expensive university costs.  We just completed our pledge to construct a library for a school for children from Nairobi’s slums, and we paid for $4000 for books to stock it and two other school libraries.  We bought 4 computers for an after school program for Roma students in Rijeka, Croatia, so those children will have the opportunity to learn basic computer skills.  We are about to send $6000 for programs administered by Casa Alianza in Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Honduras that benefit homeless kids and girls who were victims of human trafficking.

If we can hit the $500,000 mark by October 1, we will be “re-stocked” so that we can continue to support children in India, where the school year begins in January.   We also need to keep our pledge to house, feed, and educate 20 orphans in rural Uganda and to continue our commitment to HIV+ children in Myitkyina (Kachin State), Myanmar.

So please consider making a gift to the Bill Cook Foundation now.  Enabling a girl in rural South Sudan to attend elementary school or an orphan in Vietnam to attend high school is an act of love and justice.  Please let us know if you wish us to direct your gift to a certain place, for we will be happy to keep you connected in some way to the children you choose to help.