Your gift brings an education--the radiant smile is a bonus.

Chit is a bright 10-year-old. If he lived in the US, he would probably play soccer and sing in the chorus and take vacations with his family. But Chit is an orphan in Myanmar. He lives in a home for distressed children called Dream Train, founded by a Japanese philanthropist. The Bill Cook Foundation has built a library where Chit and the other 150+ orphans can study. It sent a volunteer for two months to help the children with their English. And it gave the kids their first vacation--to the sea for two days of fun. We want do do more for the children of Dream Train in 2018 as well as for children in 20 other countries. To reach those goals, we need your help. When you are wrapping presents (or unwrapping them in a few days), think about sending a gift to the Bill Cook Foundation so Chit and literally thousands of other children will have a good education and a hopeful future. The photos show Chit, the vacation at the sea (2), our volunteer Paul at Dream Train, and the two-story library given by Board Member Ellen Morton.