A Life with Books: A New Chapter

I have been teaching in Beijing for a month and thus have not had access to Facebook. I am now home and getting ready for a new school year, not as a professor but as the president of the Bill Cook Foundation. Millions of children in all parts of the world are preparing to return to school. Many, however, lack basic supplies and good schools. The photo below is of a young child who lives on the island of Bougainville, a part of the nation of Papua New Guinea. Students there have lacked books—any books—until last year the Bill Cook Foundation shipped 1,000 books for children to Bougainville. Now this child can look forward to a year of school WITH BOOKS! Tomorrow, I will send more than $20,000 to places like Myanmar, Ethiopia, Laos, and Kenya for students starting a new year. I will need to replace those funds because we have ongoing projects and school starts in different places that occur all year long. I hope you can help. Go to www.billcookfoundation.org and give a gift today.